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Sales Page

Welcome to the sales page. On this page is the links to the vaious pages that outline the weeks owners have for sale. Weeks that people want to buy or exchange are under wanted.

Note: You must be a paid Pelican Subscriber or a Premium Subscriber to be able to post weeks for sale or rent. See Newsletters tab for details. Subscriptions for as low as $10 per year or $25 for 4 years. Also please edit the listings and use same format as given in examples. Put longer comments in the notes section

People who buy or sell a unit at Flamingo or Royal Palm will eventually need to notify the developer, Diamond, that they wish to transfer ownership. All this information is available to Premium Subscribers in the Owners Section of this website. To become a Premium subscriber at a cost of $10 per year or $25 for 4 years, go to newsletters tab:

For more information about Flamingo or Royal Palm, including pictures go to the resorts page. Click on Calendar to translate weeks into real dates. As a rough guide, weeks 51,52 are Christmas, weeks 01-14 are January to March, weeks 26 to 34 are summer.