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Oct. 10, 2017 - Damage significant and under assessment. Diamond Resorts closed until Spring 2020

Sept. 8, 2017 - St. Maarten devasted by Category 5 Hurrican Irma - Diamond Resorts closed until December

Jan. 1 2016 - Diamond announces Homeowner Meetings 2016 Royal Palm and Flamingo

Dec. 31 2015 - SXM-TimeshareNews Announces Major upgrade underway

June 2015 - Diamond Holds first Homeowner Meetings Royal Palm and Flamingo

Apr. 2015 - Diamond sets up new Reservations contacts 

Apr. 2015 - Diamond to establish Flamingo and Royal Palm Homeowner Associations

Nov 2013 - Flamingo Fees Rise after 2-year Freeze

Aug. 2012 - Simpson Bay Resort and Marina wins legal battle

Mar. 2011 - SXM-TimeshareNews.com Offers Draft for Timeshare Legislation

Mar. 2011 - Simpson Bay Resort (Pelican) reopen

Feb. 2011 - St. Maarten Diamond Owner Group loses court battle

Feb. 2011 - Pelican Resort Closes temporarily

Dec. 2010 - Pelican Resort sold at auctio

Nov. 2010 - Pelican Board Recommends no Fee Increase

Nov. 2010 - Diamond Raises 2011 Maintenance Fees - Reserve Fees Stay the Sam

Aug. 2010 - Hurricane Erl Movers off North as Category 4 Major Hurricane

Aug 2010 - Hurricane Earl Hits SXM as Category 2 Storm

Dec 2009 Diamond Raises Maintenance Fees, Lowers Capital Reserve Fees

Sep 2009 Pelican Holds the Line on Maintenance Fees; Marine residences see new Reserve Fee

Dec 2008 Diamond Raises Maintenance, Capital Reserve and Hurricane Deductible Fees

Nov 2008 Update on Flamingo Damage and Clean Up Crew Pix

Nov 2008 Diamond Resorts Updates Flamingo and Royal Palm Omar Damage

Oct 2008 Hurricane Omar Hits Flamingo and Royal Palm

Oct 2008 JetBlue Set to add Boston St. Maarten

Sep 2008 Financial Rests Show Loss at Royal Plam and Breakeven Flamingo

May 2008 Flamingo Resort Manager Leaves for Pelican

Dec 2007 Renovations Substantially Complete

Dec 2007 Sunterra/Diamond Maintenance Bills Mailed

Nov 2007 Sunterra/Diamond Raises Maintenance Fees 17-22%

Oct 2007 JetBlue Set to Fly JFK to SXM Jan 17, 2008

Mar - 2007 Donations Sought for Fire Victims at Flamingo and Royal Palm

Mar 2007 Sunterra Corp Accepts Takeover Offers from Diamond Resorts

Feb-2007 Royal Palm and Flamingo Regain RCI Gold Crown

Jan-2007 Spirit Airlines Flies Fri, Sat,Sun

Jan-2007 Liat and Caribbean Star Combine Schedule

Jan-2007 Caribbean Sun Airlines to Shutdown

Nov-2006 Sunterra Sets Maintenance Fee Schedule for 2007


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