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SXM-TimeshareNews.com Newsletters

There are two regular newsletters:

1. Free Newsletter: The free newsletter is for people who are generally interested in the resorts and the island. General news and information with the latest listings on sales and rentals. Try it out and keep in touch. If you have already registered, you are on the subscription list. If you haven't registered, please do soon.

2. Premium Newsletter: This newsletter goes out to Royal Palm and Flamingo timeshare owners who want to keep on top of matters at the resorts including in-depth discussion of resort management and finacial matters. Premium subscribers also get access to the "Owners" section of this website for back issues of the Premium Newsletter, buy and selling and renting kits, guides and forms, and eventually an owners form for people to carry out discussions on matters of timeshare interest. Subscription fees help fund the marketing and development of the website and our efforts to link owners with each other.

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The cost for a Premium subscription is as follows:

1 year  - $10 USD
3 years - $20 USD
4 years - $25 USD

Payment may be made by mailing a cheque to:

Bruce Cameron
845 Tower Rd.
Halifax, NS Canada
B3H 2Y1

When you send your cheque, make sure you note your username so we can activate your account properly and give you access to the owners section of the website.

Or if you wish a 1 year continuing subscription use Paypal.
If you use paypal - please send an e-mail to mailto:dbcameron@yahoo.com with your username so we can activate the account.



Newsletter Frequency
The general newsletter is published about 6 times a year - more frequently in the fall/winter than the summer. The Premium Newsletter was published 11 times a year in 2006 with special editions in the spring as an annual report on the resorts and their finacial situations.